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Tar Surfaces

This service employs the most effective methods to ensure your satisfaction at a very competitive price. From Driveways to large scale roads and other surfaces, we cover them all



We supply and can install with complete ground preparation all types of lawn grass from Kikuyu to evergreen and other varieties. We also provide a complete landscaping services.

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We provide organic pathways and can install if required. Paving of all types with Edging is also available and can be quickly arranged and completed to your satisfaction.

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Welcome to Derick's Lawn

The only place where the Instant Lawn Experts dwell

For the best part of two decades we have supplied grass for lawns from the small to the large. With suitable topsoil and compost tailored to your needs, we also provide water tanks and all sizes of Irrigation systems from the garden sprinkler to industrial/agricultural operations. Tying all this together is our hard won reputation for reliability where our installation procedures ensure your needs are fully met

Within our landscaping we can also supply a large varity of flowers from saplings to the full sized ones. You can easily create the garden of your dreams cost and time effectively. To complete the picture, we supply firewoods of all types and briquettes so that you can relax with a Braai. We always aim to provide you with the most eco friendly sustainable products.

Derick Chipfupa

Founder & Ceo

Landscaping Services

Tar Surfaces

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Enhance your Property

Trees & Shrubs
Flowers & Lawn
Irrigate & Enjoy


Professional Installation of your irrigation material.

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Water Storage & Soil and Compost

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We Provide And Install Water Tanks And Irrigation Systems.

We supply and Install our products all over Southern Africa and the neighbouring countries.